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Kyle Alt  and Steve Sugden are the founding members of Abaddon's End.  They have been making music together for over 27 years and have been in 30+ bands together including  Shaman Spell, Red Rain, and Tarnished. They are musicians, but they are also friends and the trust they've built over the years shows by how in sync they are as performers.  


KYLE ALT (drums)- Kyle comes from an incredibly musical family and has been performing since he was old enough to hold a pair of drumsticks. His parents always said, "As soon as you could crawl you were drumming on everything!"  He has previously toured for six plus years, and has had the pleasure and luck to open for bands like Nazareth, Jackyl, Frank Hannon, Dr. Hook, Bad Finger, Candle Box, Oleander, and Blue Oyster Cult.  Music has always been his passion and over his musical career he has been inspired by greats like  Ian Paice, Ray Luzier, Abe Laboriel Jr., and Paul McCartney. When asked why he plays he said, "The love of music and the power it has on people, has just always made me feel proud to play it".

STEVE SUGDEN (bass)- Much like Kyle, Steve also comes from a musically talented family.  One of Steve's biggest inspirations was his father who was a bass player for Vilas Craig and The Vicounts.  They were one of the first rock bands in the state of Wisconsin, and were popular in the late 50s and early 60s. He considered his father a friend, mentor, and part of what has influenced his love for music over the years. In his youth he also picked up the bass and hasn't put it down since.  "I love to create and write music. I've always enjoyed the bass because of its low end sound and importance to the rhythm section. I like that I can feel the music when I play."

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TIM SHELTON (guitar) Tim’s music education started early, as he watched his father play in a blue grass band. Later, Tim grew up listening to artists like Dio, Metal Church, Iron Maiden and more. Bands like these sparked his enduring passion for rock. He takes influence from all types of music, which he pulls from in his prolific song writing. First and foremost, he is a music fan, and it drives his passion for the music. It is evident in his energetic stage performances and his welcoming fan interactions. He is grateful to have had the opportunity to share the stage with bands like Queensrÿch, Nonpoint, Buck Cherry and Hellyeah. He is often a man of few words. When asked what music means to him, the answer is “everything.”

ADAM LIEBERSBACH (lead singer)-  was singing as child a before he could speak. Growing up on classic rock until he found a taste of his own. With inspiration from bands like Slipknot, Korn, Staind, and Deftones, eventually growing into a taste for heavier music like As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean, and Lamb of God. Adam was in every choir class offered in school and went to state with many, many medals to show. During high school he played in a metal band with his closest friends called Mortality Fades, but eventually moved to Omaha Nebraska. There he expanded some of his musical adventures making music with hip hop performer, DJ, and Producer, E Babbs. They made a demo together and called it The Nexstep. Adam would eventually move home to Wisconsin and start a family with his wife Jenelle. After a 9 year hiatus from music the empty space needed to be filled. He reached out to some friends in the music scene. They told him of some auditions they knew about. Adam is absolutely hyped and cannot wait to show the world what Abbadon's End is going to bring! Music is Home for Adam and has helped him through the darkest of times and he truly cannot wait to pay it forward!




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